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Kick start your project

Orbe Design is a central London, boutique interior design studio specialising in transforming luxury London homes. 


We take pride in not limit us to a set "style" Therefore it enables the design to be individually tailored to each client's requirement. We offer several options of meetings chose the one that would apply to your needs. These are meetings if you want help getting started.

For the past 10 Years we have been working across London delivering a wide-range of design projects - from city apartments to family homes and beyond. There is no restriction on the spectrum of what we design and who we design for. 


From a full home revamp to a relaxing bathroom or living space to welcome and impress guests - each project is approached with the same commitment to detail, intelligent use of space and luxury finish. 


We delight in creating unique spaces - using material, texture and lighting to bring a space to life. By focusing on the details and how they build together we can change the feel and use of a room. 


Contact us today. We’d love to discuss your project with you and how we can work together to create a beautiful space, unique to you. 

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